A simple showcase

of love.

Welcome to my pool room, a place to remember some of the incredible projects I have been honoured to work on.


I directed and managed all digital promotion and strategy for the USA based roadtrippers.com launch into the New Zealand tourism market.


The strategy put in place was using a mix of digital channels including display advertising, local site optimisation as well as an extensive YouTube
pre-roll advertising campaigns to gain brand
awareness in this new market for Roadtrippers.




boone TOURISM Analytics

I managed the design and build of an NZ & AU analytics and data collection for one of the worlds leading tourism geo-analytics data portals based out of Mississippi.


Monthly we processed and visualise millions of points of tourism focused user movement data collected from mobile phone applications and in-vehicle devices.



JUCY Tourism Group

For 7 years I headed up all digital marketing and advertising for JUCY group, during this time we promoted Car Rentals, Campervan Rentals, Hotels, Busses and Boat cruises using a range of highly strategic search and display marketing campaigns.


Our campaigns were focused world wide with a goal of increasing brand awareness while diving direct conversions.






Eyre Peninsular

For Eyre Peninsula, via Roadtrippers I strategised and managed a range of brand awareness campaigns focused at increasing tourism into the region.


These campaigns ran across a number of channels including video, display, social and content.





I managed all development and data projects for the suite of Geozone mobile applications including CamperMate with over 140,000 daily active users.

Using a range of internal and internal developers we worke with thousands of tourism operators in Australia and New Zealand.






Hitch Car Rentals

I ran the strategic search and display advertising for hitch car rentals based in New Zealand.


Using a range of digital strategy we are focused on aggressively building the brand while ensuring the campaigns are optimised against spend, demand and availability.






google ads

I spent over 7 years heading up strategy and AdWords management for some of Australasia's best brands, including campaign and creative strategy.


During this time I was consulting and managing several million dollars of annual Adwords spend.





I manage strategic conversion focused campaigns for New Zealand leading supplier of RV parts.


Over many years we have aggressively optimised these campaigns against a number of new and existing competitors to retain market share and conversions.







RV & Marine Supplies

I managed all direct lead generation and brand awareness for Bella Vista Hotels.


Using a range of digital strategies I worked with the group to allow individual operators to gain market share against local competitors.






Bella vista hotels

I consulted Zip Rentals on their end to end digital strategy to enter a new market and rapidly gain brand awareness.


Using a range of digital channels including search, organic and content to form a solid digital growth strategy.




ZIP Rental cars
Bella vista hotels

I managed all direct lead generation and brand awareness for Bella Vista Hotels.


Using a range of digital strategies I worked with the group to allow individual operators to gain market share against local competitors.







I worked extensively with Mckay Shipping to develop and put in place digital strategy to market a unique product to passengers on cruise ships.


During this time I put in place e-commerce platforms as well as a range of advertising strategies to generate brand awareness and direct online sales.





loco journeys

I consulted Loco Travel during their launch on advanced digital strategy as well as managing their website and subsequent e-commerce platform build


Using a custom developed platform paired with digital marketing strategy has allowed this brand to grow in a saturated market.





I worked with Rayglass Boats helping them transition from a completely traditional online model to using online to generate leads.


I used advanced AdWords and display strategy paired with local site optimisation to increase brand awareness and hedge against competitor activity.






rayglass boats
winter games nz

I consulted Winter Games over several events in a range of digital optimisation strategy to increase brand awareness

Using a range of on-site optimisation techniques and strategy to increase brand and website visits.





hireace vehicle hire

I designed and end-to-end digital marketing strategy for hire ace to allow them to promote new product into the market as well as retain market share against new competitors







I consulted Booktrack during their successful launch in both online digital strategy as well as managing their AdWords campaigns.


I used a range of digital, search and organic strategies to launch this new brand and product.





healthy life media

I worked with healthy life media both by building and optimising campaigns as well as training their internal staff in Google Ads and social media.


The strategy was to promote their physical publication using online channels to generate interest and subsequent subscriptions.






I consulted Saben on digital strategy and worked with them on a full end-to-end digital strategy audit.


Our aim was to increase brand awareness resulting in an increase in direct online sales.




I worked with Nibblish Snacks during their initial startup and launch on a range of digital initiatives.


our goal was to introduce a new brand and concept to the New Zealand market using organic and paid search.



nibblish snacks

I consulted NZDJ on a range of advanced digital strategy to help them increase exposure.


I worked on local site optimisation as well as an advanced organic optimisation strategy.



I managed all client strategy and lead generation for New Zealand's leading dedicated product photography studio.


Over this time I worked with over 100 leading brands assisting them with strategy and creative assets to build their brands.







Product Image Photography
Roadtrippers Australasia

After the successful Australian based campaign for Roadtrippers, I have now moved onto promoting the product in New Zealand.


We are using a range of advanced video strategy paired with content marketing and social media to achieve fast brand awareness within the New Zealand market.




find my car gps tracking

We designed, developed, marketed then sold a large scale GPS vehicle tracking platform based on Amazon AWS technology.


Using second by second GPS tracking paired with 4G cellular technology allowed our client's property to be tracked to the meter anywhere in the world.







I spent two years consulting both Noel Leeming & Bond and Bond brands through the financial recession.


I introduced advanced digital strategies into what was then a traditional bricks-and-mortar focused brand.



noel leeming group

The Tiaki Promise is a great New Zealand campaign around care and respect for our country.


I managed a video campaign around the promise and use a range of online channels to generate awareness.







tiaki promise

TH2 is a joint venture with the world’s best travel, technology and recreational vehicle companies spanning the globe.


I consult th2 with their geozone and roadtrippers data products and mobile application suites.





I managed the development, design and implementation of the Tourism Holdings roadtrip mobile application used by thousands of monthly users in the Maui, Britz and Mighty motorhomes.