Live Results Dashboard

Our NPS® Live Dashboard allows you to view responses to both your primary NPS question as well as additional questions as well as read comments live via our online NPS® Live Dashboard.

Additional Questions

Most traditional NPS systems stop at one question, our system allows you to gather additional information in NPS style on subsequent questions and free text comments. The ultimate research tool.

Full Data Reporting

We allow NPS data collection for generally 7 days to ensure all respondents are in and then aggregate the data into a full set of report for you to understand the responses and then do any appropriate followups.

Turning Complex NPS Calculations to Simple Dashboards

What is NPS? – Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter® or Net Promoter Score (NPS®) is a new age management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships. It serves as an alternative to traditional overly complex customer satisfaction research . NPS® has been widely adopted with more than two thirds of Fortune 1000 companies using NPS in 2016.

Our unique and innovative systems allows small businesses to utilize this great business measure just as those fortune 1000’s do.

A Seamless NPS® Plus Customer Flow

Paired with easy to understand data visualisation.

NPS Live Dashboard

Excel Data Export

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How Does this NPS Survey Process Work?

From your side you basically just send us a list of your customers and we take everything from there right through to presenting you a full NPS dashboard report.

From our side it’s a little more complicated but interesting all the same. We first use a world class data centre in the USA which is SOC II Compliant and holds PCI DSS Certification to send out fully branded surveys from your company to your customers.

As soon as they click on their response their information is recorded into an aggregate dataset on our Microsoft SQL server, they are promoted to answer more questions and give comments, anything they do is , tracked, recorded and compiled for the final report.

At any time during the NPS campaign you can log into a live realtime dashboard and monitor your current NPS rating to both the primary and any secondary questions.

At the end of the NPS campaign our data analyst compiles a full report of all the data into both a raw data file as well as several easy to understand NPS dashboards. We then can easily run the exact same process in 6-12 months and compare the results.

Integrated NPS


Per Recipient
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Sends on Website Sale
  • Ongoing NPS Collection
  • Data Visualisation
  • Custom Branding

Subscription NPS


Per Month
  • Unlimited Sends
  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Excel Datafile Download
  • White-label Branding
  • Website or List Triggered

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the email we send to clients, comes from an email address on your domain and is fully branded to look like your own.
There is basically no minimum, you need a plus and a minus to calculate NPS so technically you need 20 or more to get a figure that you are going to be able to compare in a future survey.
There is no limit, we can send anywhere from 1 email to many million. We stagger email sending using a world class service to avoid spam filters as much as possible.
We can do this two ways, either survey a mailing list of customers in one go over 1-2 weeks, or send a survey every time a customer takes a transaction on your website.
Yes the unique feature our system offers is the ability to capture an additional 2 questions as well as 2 comment fields as well as an NPS score.
Access to the real time dashboard is available the second the first response is received from your clients. A final detailed report is provided within 5 days of the NPS campaign ending.
Our basic system is ready to go for most people at around .80c NZ. per recipient. The sky is the limit on how our system can be customised or additional modules custom developed for specific requirements.
We offer the unique ability to capture additional questions after the NPS data has been collected. At any point your customer decides to stop giving answers we compile the entire answer set into a unique customer record. We can also ask different questions of your customer depending on their initial NPS answer.
That is no problem we have a team of Data Analyists in the USA who can present or maniupliate data in any way required.

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Since then I have consulted and assisted hundreds of brands to achieve success in New Zealand and international markets using digital, search, photographic and video strategies.

In 2012 started my own digital agency to support a number of growing brands including the JUCY group of companies.

My experience and consulting is based on actual real world experience managing both small and multi-million dollar campaigns for some of New Zealand’s best brands.